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        Retubing Specializing in energy and power, petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, refrigeration and air conditioning industry, equipment manufacturing, installation repair equipment manufacturing research and development.
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        Condenser Retubing

        With a record of over 800s of retubing projects done world wide, we have become one of go-to names in the retubing field.
        Focusing on safety, quality of workmanship, and minimized outage duration, our experienced field engineers and technicians specialize in a wide variety of condenser retubing services, including:

        ·         Tube removal

        ·         Tube installation

        ·         Tube sheet repair

        ·         Tube sheet grooving/serration

        ·         Tube to tubesheet orbital welding

        ·         Scrap tube recovery

        ·         Tube removal (detubing) for modular replacement / replacement tube bundles.


        Minimizing Condenser Downtime

        Unlike our competitors, all tools we use for retubing are designed, manufactured, field tested and constantly improved by Lanbo. We not only provide our clients the best retubing solution but also with significantly shorter lead time. A typical 10,000 tube condenser can be retubed in less than two weeks. A 25,000 tube condenser can be retubed within a three week outage.

        Lanbo provides planning, guidance, onsite technical assistance, and specialized condenser retubing tooling packages to efficiently return your condensers to optimized performance.

        Email us right now or call us at +86-13637066767 for any of the following main steam condenser retubing services:

        ·         Project Planning

        ·         Procedures 

        ·         Tube Joint Strength Testing 

        ·         Tube Vibration Mitigation 

        ·         Tube Removal 

        ·         Tube Installation

        ·         Sample Tube Removal

        ·         Tube Plugging

        ·         Tube Staking

        ·         Tube-to-Tubesheet Welding

        ·         Tube Sleeving

        ·         Tubesheet Drilling